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Career Development

Today’s information professionals can pursue a wide range of career paths in a rapidly expanding field.

Career exploration strategies are more important than ever before. With that in mind, our firm developed web-based resources to help our students, alumni, and prospective students navigate a myriad of career opportunities, learn about emerging trends in the field, and develop an effective job search strategy.

We invite you to explore our Career Development site, whether you are just embarking on your career as an information professional, or if you are working in the field and seeking tips and ideas for refining your career pathway.

The site will help you:

  • Identify your career direction
  • Explore the Emerging Career Trends for Information Professionals report
  • Learn to network and conduct informational interviews
  • Build job search strategies
  • Increase your networking potential by using social media in your job search
  • Write a professional resume, cover letter, or curriculum vitae
  • Develop your interviewing expertise
  • Research LIS job listing sites and other helpful resources